One of our members in Chapel End Ward, Karen Murray, applied for Ward Forum Funding to make the flowerbeds in the approach to Highams Park from Wadham Road into Winchester Road look more attractive. As you can see from the pictures the trees and plants are small but they will grow and will make the

Dear All Thank you! Firstly my apologies for the delay in circulating this final update. Can I also give mine, and the wider, team’s thanks for the huge support and goodwill we have had in implementing the work at Highams Park Dam. The positive response we received and the community support in implementing a number

There are some exciting community events going on in Highams Park in 2015! We’ve made up the events calendar below so you know when these events are being held !

The Highams Park Planning Group is trying to obtain an in depth understanding of parking issues that local residents face in and around Highams Park, so as to inform policies in the Highams Park Plan and to see what, if anything, can be done to improve parking provision and control in the area. To achieve

Dear All We are nearing the end of the Highams park Dam improvement project with work on schedule to finish for the 10th March 2015. There will still be some landscaping actions continuing beyond this time, however the core works will be complete. This fortnight’s update is as follows:  Scouts Hut Floodwall The floodwall is now

TSS have outgrown their proposed Head Office already and will be re-locating to the industrial units at the back of Tesco. We have been in discussions with the owners of the Regal & Shelz buildings for some time now regarding their plans and have provided them with the details of what local residents would like

Dear  All  Please find attached the latest update on the works at Highams Park Dam. If you have any queries please do contact me at the address below. Scouts Hut Floodwall The floodwall is now entirely brick clad and the coping stones are being installed. Once anti-graffiti coating is applied, the floodwall will be completed.

Dear All Please find below the latest update regarding works at Highams Park dam.  Scouts Hut Floodwall  The reinforced concrete floodwall is complete. It has been almost entirely brick clad, the only outstanding section being near the footbridge which will be completed shortly. Following this coping stones will be installed and the floodwall will be

The Council has Announced Plans to Improve the Play Area in The Highams Park: When we held our launch event a lot of people in the area said that they would like a better playpark in The Highams Park. We have some good news! The Council recently announced that it has budgeted money for improvements to

It’s turning cold, so it’s time to prepare, so the Council is looking for Snow Angels to help clear snow of the pavements near to where they live. The scheme provides residents with the tools to enable and help them and their neighbours to stay safe during severe wintry conditions, especially by helping the vulnerable