Welcome to the Highams Park Planning Group

Welcome to the website of the Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG). HPPG was set up in November 2013 to enable local residents to prepare a neighbourhood development plan for Highams Park “the HP Plan” but this role soon expanded into other community activities such as: setting up a community hub and café in The Highams Park, arranging local markets & festivals, music concerts & art exhibitions, a forum for local business, a community radio station, forestry work, litter picking and even a maypole dancing club!

The HP Plan was adopted on 21st May, 2020 by Waltham Forest Council and the HP Plan is now an integral part of Council planning policy. The policies in the HP Plan will be used by Council Officers to help them decide whether or not to approve planning applications for building developments in the Highams Park area.

The HP Plan was the outcome  of seven years in depth consultation with local people on how they would like to see Highams Park develop over the coming years and was approved by local residents in a referendum on 5th March, 2020 with a majority of 96% in favour.

You can view a copy of the HP Plan by clicking on this link: The HP Plan

You can find out more about HPPG, the HP Plan and our other activities on the About Us page of this website.

It’s free to be a member of HPPG and everyone living or working in Highams Park is eligible to become a member and you can sign up on the Join Us page of our website.

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