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Waltham Forest Council Approves the HP Plan on 21st May

We are pleased to advise that at the Council Meeting on the evening of 21st May, 2020 Waltham Forest Council voted unanimously to adopt the Highams Park Neighbourhood Plan (the HP Plan).

The HP Plan will now be an integral part of Council planning policy and the policies in the plan will be used by Council Officers to decide whether or not to approve planning applications for building developments in the Highams Park area.

Work on the HP Plan began in November 2013 and is the result of seven years in depth consultation with local residents on how they would like to see Highams Park develop over the coming years.

The Highams Park Plan was approved by local residents in a referendum on 5th March, 2020 with a majority of 96% in favour.

You can view the Highams Park Plan by clicking on this link: The Highams Park Neighbourhood Plan



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