Evidence Base for The Highams Park Plan

The Highams Park Planning Group (HPPG)  has been consulting with residents since the Highams Park Plan Launch Event on 16th November, 2013 and details of the ideas, suggestions and  opinions we have gathered from residents so far have been used to prepare the draft Highams Park Plan.  Details of the information we have gathered are contained on this page, so if you would like to read more about where the policies of the draft Highams Park Plan came from , please click on the links below:

  1. Local Area Profile of the Highams Park Plan Area
  2. Consultation Statement for HP Plan Submission Document
  3. Basic Conditions Statement for HP Plan Submission Document
  4. Highams Park NP HRA and SEA Screening Report 221018_2
  5. Comments by Statutory Consultees & Responses
  6. HP Plan HRA and SEA Screening Report 18 04 18 (3)
  7. CLM – The Highams Park NP 2017 – Health Check Review – March 2018 (1)
  8. HP Plan Local Consultation May 17 Consultation – General Comments & Responses
  9. HP Plan Local Consultation May 17 – Specific Comments & Responses
  10. Annex 1 Local Consultation May 17 – Specific Comments & Responses
  11. Responses – Questionnaire 1. Natural Environment
  12. Responses – Questionnaire 2. Traffic, Pedestrians and Public Realm
  13. Responses – Questionnaire 3. Business Employment & Community Facilities
  14. Responses – Questionnaire 4. New Housing Development in the Highams Park Neighbourhood Plan Area
  15. Responses – Questionnaire 5. Sustainability, Housing Estates & Houses in Multiple Occupation
  16. A Survey of Highams Park Residents commissioned by LBWF in May 2016
  17. Ideas Lists prepared by members of HPPG based on residents suggestions
  18. Link to The Waltham Forest Local Plan
  19. Link to The London Plan
  20. Link to The National Policy Planning Framework (NPPF)

A  Consultation Statement, including a summary of all comments received on the current pre-submission consultation and how these were considered, will be made available along with the amended Neighbourhood Plan at a future date. A statutory Basic Conditions Statement explaining how the HP Plan meets the requirements of the Localism Act will will also be prepared and submitted with the HP Plan when it is presented to  LBWF for formal review.