Crossing Point over Chingford Lane; Selwyn School; Volunteers Needed for Station Garden and Highams Park Day – Stallholder Pitches Available

by / Sunday, 03 June 2018 / Published in News
Please find below some information on local matters and activities which you may find of interest.
1. Improvements to crossing point over Chingford Lane
Many years of lobbying by local community groups and Councillors has paid off.  On 6th June the Council’s Highways team will be implementing work to improve the crossing point from the forest to Woodford Golf Course, where the footpath from the behind the Lake meets Chingford Lane between The Avenue and Lichfield Road (where the arrow is on the map below). It will not be a zebra crossing but the kerb will be dropped each side, the road surface altered to improve driver awareness and visibility improved.  It is hoped that these measures will make it safer for people to cross the road. The works are expected to take around 3 weeks and there will be some disruption to traffic flows during this period.

2. Selwyn School Demolition
The final phase of demolition of Selwyn School is expected shortly and some local residents are lobbying for the remaining buildings to be retained to help provide more school places in the area. You can find out more by clicking on this link.
3. Volunteers Needed for Maintaining the garden at Highams Park Station
The Highams Park Society looks after the garden at Highams Park Station and needs more volunteers to assist. The next session is on Saturday 9th June from 9:00 am until 12 noon.
If you would like to volunteer please email Sandeep Christian on  07414 810013 for more information, or email him using this address
4. Stallholder Pitches Available & Volunteers needed to help with Highams Park Day 
There are still some stallholder pitches available at Highams Park Day in Vincent Green on Saturday 14th July.
Also there is a need for more volunteers to help out for an hour or two on some of the community stalls and children’s games at Highams Park Day .
If you are interesting in having a stall at Highams Park Day or would like to volunteer to help, please email Andrew Golds on