HPPG Response to the Councils LP2 Site Allocations Consultation

by / Sunday, 06 December 2020 / Published in News

HPPG Response to the Councils LP2 Site Allocations Consultation
On 24th September the Council began its consultation “Shaping the Borough Waltham Forest Local Plan LP2 Draft Site Allocations Document”. The consultation lists the sites across the Borough as possible sites for development and suggests what type of development may take place on these sites (including two sites in Highams Park).
The sites are Site SA62 (472 to 510 Larkshall Road by Highams Park Station) and Site SA63 being the adjacent Shell garage site in Larkshall Road.

 This consultation gives local residents the opportunity to comment on the sites and development parameters proposed by the Council for those sites.

HPPG has now responded to the consultation, stating that we think that the proposed density of development for the sites is too high as it will necessitate multi-story development in the heart of Highams Park Town Centre (by the station) and will completely change the character of the area. We have uploaded our response to the Highams Park Portal .

Click on this link to see HPPGG’s response to the consultation and for details of how you can submit your comments to the Council: https://highamspark.london/community/news/hppgs-has-responded-to-the-councils-site-allocations-consultation/

Please note: this is a different consultation to the planning application by Atlantis which we circulated last week. The Atlantis proposal only covers part of site SA62, so if you have concerns about the development proposals along Larkshall Road you need to respond to both the Council’s LP2 site allocations consultation and the Atlantis planning application.