We have formally submitted the HP Plan to the Council !

by / Friday, 30 November 2018 / Published in News
We have made a big step forward and have now formally submitted the Highams Park Plan (the HP Plan) to the Council.
The Council are currently undertaking due diligence on the documents that we have submitted to them and are aiming to launch a six week public consultation in early January 2019. The submission version of the HP Plan will be made available during the public consultation and you will then have the  opportunity to read and comment on the content of the Plan. We will let you know when the consultation begins.
After the consultation there will be a few more steps to be completed but if everything goes to schedule we are hopeful that the process will be completed and the HP Plan formally adopted by the Council by July/August  2019.
We look forward to updating you on where things stand at our annual general meeting in February and we will notify you of the date of the meeting soon.
Finally, we should like to extend a big thank you to all the people that have worked so hard to get us to this important stage.