Summaries of Ideas Collected at The Launch Event by Topic

After HPPG’s first General Meeting on 17th January, 2014 attendees who had an interest in particular topics were asked to stay behind so that Topic Working Groups (sub-committees) to process the huge number of ideas and suggestions that were put forward at the Launch Event and any other ideas that may be subsequently submitted.

Volunteers met regularly over the following months and separated all the ideas into lists by topic. These lists were then reviewed to see what ideas could be included in a Neighbourhood Plan or if this was not possible whether they could be carried forward as community led projects. Issues raised that could not be included by in a Neighbourhood Plan or as projects were treated as actions and where resources allowed the relevant stakeholders (the Council, TfL and other similar bodies) were contacted to see how the issues could be resolved .

You can see the ideas and suggestions by topic by clicking on the links below:

  1. GRS Ideas
  2. AHP Ideas
  3. ARC Ideas
  4. ECY Ideas
  5. HME Ideas
  6. HTE Ideas
  7. SBE Ideas
  8. SSC Ideas
  9. SLC Ideas
  10. TRP Ideas

The ideas in these lists that were eligible to be included in a Neighbourhood Plan were put to local residents through issues and options questionnaires and where there was sufficient support have been included in the draft Highams Park Plan.