HPPG Response to the Council’s Draft Local Plan

by / Sunday, 06 December 2020 / Published in News
HPPG  has responded to the Council’s consultation on the proposed new Local Plan. In our response we have expressed our concerns that what the Council is proposing will, over time, completely change the character of Highams Park town centre and the streets radiating out from the town centre through intensification of development.
In order to meet its housing targets the Council has identified a number of Site Opportunity Locations (including Highams Park Station and Car Park and a number of garage sites across the area).
Listing of these sites does not necessarily mean that they will be developed, as the Council does not own them but it could open the door for inappropriate development. We do not agree that the sites in Highams Park listed below should be included in the Local Plan as Site Opportunity Locations, as there has been inadequate consultation given that these sites were not included in the recent LP2 Site Allocations Consultation.
The sites which we believe are either not feasible or are inappropriate for development are listed below for your information;
  • Highams Park Station and Car Park;
  • Garages off Hale End Road; the garages and garden to the rear of Swallow Court backing on to the gardens of 29-34 Beech Hall Crescent, 393-397 Hale End Road and 1-9 Forster Close.
  • Garages off The Avenue ; backing on to the gardens of 121 to 129 The Avenue & 48 Richmond Crescent
  • Garages behind Wrigley Close (Adjacent to 85 The Avenue);  backing on to the gardens of 8-14 Richmond Avenue, 2 Richmond Crescent, 75 & 85 The Avenue.
  • Garages between Castle Avenue and Handsworth Avenue; comprised of two parcels of land: to the rear of Briarview Court, Handsworth Avenue backing on to the gardens of 67 to 87 Handsworth Avenue and 22 to 28 Castle Avenue and to the rear of Hedgemoor Court and Hewitt House, Castle Avenue backing on to the gardens of 67 to 87 Handsworth Avenue and 22 to 28 Castle Avenue.
  • Garages off Richmond Avenue; behind 3 and 5 Richmond Avenue, Marien Court and 49 to 57 The Avenue, backing on to the railway line.
  • Garages off Castle Avenue; to the rear of the flats in Wentworth House, Bailey Court and 39 Castle Avenue. Backing on to the gardens of 35 Castle Avenue, 2-8 Falmouth Avenue and 106 to 104 The Avenue.
  • Garages to rear of Clivedon Rd; backing onto the gardens of 1 to 27 Clivedon Road, 84 to 116 Forest Glade and 8 to 24 Sheredan Road.
If you share our concerns we recommend that you respond to the consultation in your own name before 14th December. You can view our letter, maps of each site and find out how to respond to the consultation by clicking on the link below: