Please find below a message from the local police about burglaries and a leaflet giving some guidance on how to make your property safer. There is a peak in burglaries before Christmas and you can click on the following link to view the  Burglary Leaflet Xmas 2015 Crimes reported for the week ending December 12th. We have

Some of our members are planning to set up a Highams Park Internet Radio Station and please find below a message from Gill Poulter regarding some training that may be available for people interested in volunteering, message as follows: “Hi there, in February of next year we are hoping to launch an Internet Radio for

MONDAY 14th December at 5:15 pm  – Carol Singing at Highams Park Station for one hour This event is being organised by Winchester Road Methodist Church to raise money for Action for Children. Musicians and singers are welcome to come along and join in but if just want to come and listen that is also

1. BACKGROUND TO ISSUES & OPTIONS QUESTIONNAIRES FOR THE HIGHAMS PARK PLAN The results of the online Issues & Options Questionnaires that we undertook between 7th June, 2015 and 25th October, 2015 are now available on this page of our website by clicking on the links below. Before you read the results of the questionnaires we

As some of you may be aware Highams Park lake had some problems with oxygen levels recently and some of us helped out with aerating the lake. The Epping Forest Conservators were very grateful for the assistance and five of us have now been trained up as task leaders by the Epping Forest Conservators and

Please find below a message sent to local Councillors by the Deputy Leader of the Council, Clyde Loakes: Re: 20mph Zone Roll Out – Proposals for Residential Roads North of A406 As you’re aware the Council recently carried out public consultations with occupiers of nearly 12,000 properties in the area north of the A406 North

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey about the café in the park, a lot of the comments and suggestions were very constructive and helpful. The survey closed on 1st November and there were 611 responses, of which 93.6% were positive, 1.8% undecided and 3.6 % negative. A summary of the results to the

The fish have been struggling at the Highams Park Lake for the past few weeks due to low oxygen levels. One of our members has applied on behalf of HPPG for £5,000 funding to provide a variety of plants that will oxygenate the water and provide shelter for fish and birds as well as enhance and improve

We would like to assess how strong support is from local residents for a café with toilets in The Highams Park (the park by Highams Park lake) and what sort of café you would like (if at all). We have prepared a questionnaire to collect your views and we should be grateful if you would

Some of our members have asked for the documents for the Council’s consultation on 20 mph zones in the Highams Park Area to be put on our website so they can direct friends and neighbours to the documents, as it would seem that a lot of people have not received them through their letterbox. If